jpf 1. Introduction to CNC Milling

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In CNC machining a computer is used to control the machine tool instead of an operator. This will make it possible for a novice machinist to create complex parts. We will use milling machines to produce our designs. A schematic of a manual milling machine is shown in Figure 1. CNC part programs control CNC machine tools.

Figure 1. Manual milling machine.

jpf 1.1 CNC Machine Tool Basics

jpf 1.1 CNC Part Programming

jpf 1.1 Work Coordinates

jpf 1.2 Cutter Compensation

jpf 1.3 Tool Height Offsets

jpf 1.4 Drill Cycles G81

jpf 1.5 Tap Cycle G84

jpf 1.6 Edge Finding on the Milling Machine

jpf 1.7 Example Program

jpf 1.8 List of G Codes

jpf 1.9 List of M Codes

jpf 1.10 CNC Machining Center Setup