jpf 1.5 Tap Cycle G84

G84 X __ Y__ Z___ R__ P__ F__ K__

X__ Y__ = Hole Position

Z__ = Distance from Z=0 plane to bottom of hole (negative)

Note: You Can Not Tap to the Bottom of a blind Hole

R__ = Distance from Z = 0 to clearance plane

F__ = Cutting feed rate

Feed Rate Must be Specified in Inches Per Revolution. (G95) How would determine the feed rate?

K__ = Number of repeats

Related Codes

G98 = Return to initial point in canned cycle

G99 = Return to R point in canned cycle

Note: G98 or G99 must be called out before G84

jpf 1.5.1 Example 3

N120 G00 G90 G95 G40 G20 M06 T1 (set up codes and tool change, Feed Rater in inches per rev.)

N130 G55 X1. Y1. M03 S250 (work coorids, rapid move, spindle on)

N140 G43 Z1. H01 M08 (Tool Height Offset, Coolant)

N150 G98 G84 X2.0 Y3.0 Z-1.1 R.1 F.0769 K1 (Tap Cycle)

N155 ..........

Figure 3. Illustration of tap cycle shown in example 3.