jpf 1.6 Edge Finding on the Milling Machine

Clamp the edge finder in a 1/2" collet. Set the edge finder tip off-center as shown to the left in Figure 9. Align the edge finder tip with the edge as shown in Figure 9. With the spindle rotating at a moderate rate, approach the edge to be located with the tip of the edge finder as shown in the plan view, Figure 10. Continue to feed in slowly as the tip of the edge finder begins to strike the edge of the work. The tip will gradually become centered with the shank. When the tip becomes EXACTLY centered with the shank the edge finder tip will abruptly jump sideways about 1/32". At this moment stop the feed in and note the position on the feed handle. The work edge is exactly 0.250" from the current position.

Figure 9. The edgefinder

Figure 10. Operation of the edgefinder.