The CRS Plus is also a 5 axis robot, capable of carrying payloads of up to 2 Kg. It is run by DC servo motors, which allow a smoother form of control, via chains, and gears (these result in less backlash). While the Microbot is packaged in complete unit, the CRS Robot is much more modular. The basic modules shipped with the robot are 1) the controller, 2) the Robot, 3) the teach pendant, 4) the pneumatic gripper, and a separate air valve, and 5) Cables for connecting devices, and connecting to a terminal, or PC. While this robot may also be programmed like the robot, it is intended to be run with a computer or terminal.


The Controller is based on the 8086 microprocessor (found in early versions of the IBM PC), and the unit also has an 8087 math coprocessor. There are two serial ports (RS232) available on the controller, which may be used in a variety of configurations. The controller also has a number of parallel data lines for control of other devices in the workcell, such as a pneumatic vice, and a conveyor. The controller is designed to work off a normal 120 AC supply, and it handles power supply for the robot motors.