• The assignments are to be done individually from beginning to end. My experience shows that study groups are of great help, and will help a student get by many small problems quickly. But students who never do any problems individually (i.e., assignments) always do poorly when they must solve problems themselves on exams.


• Stassen’s Ten Commandments for Assigned Calculations


The following format requirements must be met before an assignment will be accepted or given credit.

1. The problem Assignment Sheet must be attached to the front of the report. The name of the author and the Section Number must be placed at the upper right-hand corner of the front page.

2. All calculations must be shown and a clear “heading” must be given with each step of the calculations.

3. All units must be attended to properly in balanced equations. Answers without units are not valid, except 0 or unitless values such as ratios.

4. Where applicable references must be given for all relationships obtained from textbooks.

5. Clear diagrams must be provided where necessary.

6. Do not use unnecessary terms like “I” or verbose terms such as “to find”, etc. It is expected that proper and concise statements are made where needed.

7. At the conclusion of each problem the final result must be clearly summarized and highlighted.

8. Where necessary a conclusion should be drawn or a final comment made. Sometimes a recommendation is necessary and should be included in the report.

9. Reports must be written on one side of letter size paper. Only in the case of graphic solutions can “odd” paper sizes be used, but these must be folded to size.

10. Calculations should progress in a logical and sequential manner to the final result.

NOTE: A good maxim for overall appearance is that the work should be ready for typing.