6.1.1 Tips When Solving Statics Problems


1. Even when problems seem impossible keep trying, it will help you learn to solve problems (This is like learning a new sport, except here you are building strength and coordination for problem solving). Solving problems is mainly a skill of recognizing patterns and then using techniques you have seen before.

2. If there is a topic you do not understand in a previous section, it will make it hard to solve problems in more advanced sections.

3. As you solve problems, you will find that you work faster.

4. Avoid shortcuts, they always take longer.

5. Try alternate ways of solving problems, this will strengthen your skills.

6. If you are really stuck on a problem leave it until the next day, then try again.

7. Solve problems with variables, and units, this will reduce errors, and makes errors easier to find and fix.

8. Solving problems is the only way to do well.

9. Always look at your answer to see if it makes sense, and find ways to check the results.

10. Always use Free Body Diagrams, and list assumptions, this will reduce assumption based mistakes in simple problems, and give you clues for solving complicated problems.

11. Carefully read any question before starting. If it is confusing, underlining or writing out the details in point form can help.