A Manual for Interprocess Communication with the MPS (Message Passing System), Prepared by Hugh Jack, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, hugh@engrg.uwo.ca

Petri-Sim, by Hugh Jack, The University of Western Ontario, August, 11th, 1991.

A Historical Review of Artificial Intelligence Planning

NB - A Library for Storage and Manipulation of Nested Boolean Equations

Fuzzy Logic for Optimal Robot Motions

Backward Planning Based on a Boolean Equation

BCAPP - A High Level Process Planner Using Boolean Algebra

A Virtual Automated Manufacturing Lab M. Karlesk, H. Jack, Padnos School of Engineering, Grand Valley State University, 301 West Fulton, Suite 618, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Design as a Focal Point for Concurrent Engineering

CS 488/533 Final Report on the Rubiks Cube Visualizer by Mary Haywood-Farmer and Hugh Jack for Dr. X. Wu

BCAPP Report

Final Report on CAPP / PPC Integration