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Dynamic System Modeling and Control - classical control systems design using calculus, transforms, and numerical methods

Automating Manufacturing Control Systems; with PLCs - a rigorous approach to industrial control systems

Engineering Analysis using Scilab and C (draft) - advanced problem solving techniques for engineering and technology

(draft) - Implementation; Products, Robotics, and Other Useful Things - the how to make it half of putting theory into practice

(draft) - Integration and Automation of Manufacturing Systems - a high level approach to integration of automated manufacturing systems including, networking, databases, robotics, and more


Computer Hardware - various topics related to the design and implementation of computer hardware

Manufacturing Processes - processes, metrology, quality, parameters, and more

Materials - general topics of material properties as related to machine design

Mathematical Modeling - mathemiatic and numerical methods for modeling, simulating, and designing.

Mechanical Engineering - a wide variety of mechanical engineering topics from statics, vibrations, noise/sound, and more.

Automated Manufacturing - automation of manufacturing systems

Mechatronics and Controls - topics for machine and product level control

Design - techniques for approaching the design and implementation of real systems

Quality Control - techniques for the characterization and adjustment of manufacturing processes

Electrical and Electronic Circuits - fundamentals of circuit analysis

References - general engineering formulas, students skills, jokes, and more

Professional Engineering Topics - primary focus on engineering law and ethics, but more too

Software - methods formally designing engineering software

About the Author and Materials

Dr. Hugh Jack, P.Eng. is a Professor and Chair of Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. He holds degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering with a strong interest in manufacturing systems.

The materials on this web site have been created to support a variety of courses in engineering programs spanning three universities since 1991. The focus of all of the materials is to lay a solid fundamental, to design, to implementation linkage.

although these materials will be of interest to others, they will be most useful to students and professional engineers and technologists.

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