eBook: Automating Manufacturing Systems; with PLCs


A.11 K

k, K - specifies magnitudes. 1K = 1024, 1k = 1000 for computers, otherwise 1K = 1k = 1000. Note - this is not universal, so double check the meanings when presented.
Kelvin - temperature units that place 0 degrees at absolute zero. The magnitude of one degree is the same as the Celsius scale.
KiloBaud, KBaud, KB, Baud - a transmission rate for serial communications (e.g. RS-232C, TTY, RS-422). A baud = 1bit/second, 1 Kilobaud = 1KBaud = 1KB = 1000 bits/second. In serial communication each byte typically requires 11 bits, so the transmission rate is about 1Kbaud/11 = 91 Bytes per second when using a 1KB transmission.
Karnaugh maps - a method of graphically simplifying logic.
kermit - a popular tool for transmitting binary and text files over text oriented connections, such as modems or telnet sessions.
keying - small tabs, prongs, or fillers are used to stop connectors from mating when they are improperly oriented.
kinematics/kinetics - is the measure of motion and forces of an object. This analysis is used to measure the performance of objects under load and/or in motion.

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