eBook: Integration and Automation of Manufacturing Systems


The Book online
  1. Integrated and Automated Manufacturing
  2. An Introduction to Linux/Unix
  3. An Introduction to C/C++ Programming
  4. Network Communication
  5. Databases
  6. Communications
  7. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  8. PLCs and Networking
  9. Industrial Robotics
  10. Other Industrial Robots
  11. Robot Applications
  12. Spatial Kinematics
  13. Motion Control
  14. CNC Machines
  15. CNC Programming
  16. Data Aquisition
  17. Vision Systems
  18. Integration Issues
  19. Material Handling
  20. Petri Nets
  21. Production Planning and Control
  22. Simulation
  23. Planning and Analysis
  24. References
  25. Appendix - Projects
  26. Appendix - Common References


A book used for teaching manufacturing automation using Linux and other useful platforms. It is currently being used to teach EGR 474 - Integrated Manufacturing Systems. This book emphasizes programming - this is not found in any other autoamtion books available. At present, half of the book is written chapters, while the other half is in note form.



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