Jack, H., “http://claymore.engineer.gvsu.edu”, a presentation at the Michigan Teachers of Mechanics Conference, GVSU, April 1997.


Hugh Jack, Padnos School of Engineering, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, jackh@gvsu.edu

Presentation Overview

CURRENT USE: Courses to date

A WEB SITE: The main point for all courses

WEB BASED NOTES: How to use the web to present notes

WEB BASED LECTURES: How to use the web to present in lectures

STATICS: A statics course with examples of notes, photographs, movies, working model

KINEMATICS AND DYNAMICS: A machine design course with working model and mathcad support

STUDENT PAGES: Examples of student work

PAPERLESS MARKING: The marking procedure

DEVELOPING WEB PAGES: The general procedure

WHERE NEXT: Futuristic ideas

CONCLUSIONS: Final comments

Current Use: Courses to date

EGR 209: Statics and Mechanics of Materials (Fall 1996)

EGR 352: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines (Winter 1996)

EGR 367: Manufacturing Processes (Winter 1996)

EGR 450: Manufacturing Controls (Summer 1997)

A Web Site: The main point for all courses

The main point for students to go for information

Each course has it’s own location

Set up server

Web Based Notes: How to use the web to present in lectures

Divide into clear topics

A directory structure will help organize materials: link up eod_directory

Set up a strategy for each topic: mine is,

1. Some overview that sets the reason and objective for the section. (a good place for pictures)

2. An overview of relevant theory.

3. A simple example problem: with solution and notes about steps, notations, etc.

4. A simple unsolved drill problem.

5. Additional notes on technique and methods. (working model files work well here)

6. An advanced problem with solution

7. An unsolved complex problem, done on the board

A table of contents is a good place to start: link up html table of contents page

Web Based Lectures: How to use the web to present materials

The lecture is basically conducted by the notes.


Statics: A statics course with examples of notes, photographs, movies, working model

Notes for all course materials

Links to other sites


Working Models

Movies: link to Tacoma narrows bridge

Kinematics and Dynamics: A machine design course with working model and Mathcad support

Basic note set

Working model examples

Mathcad Examples

Complete design and simulation: gears

paperless marking

Student Pages: Examples of student work

Students can maintain own pages: link to student page

Allows students to add to course

Paperless Marking: The marking procedure

Download student submission

Mark up file

Record mark

Upload file to private student directory

Developing Web Pages: The general procedure

Start with Notes


Set up Web Site


Convert to Web Pages

Add Media


Where Next: Futuristic ideas

Course notes on CD only

Students bring laptops and edit notes directly

Multiple sets of course notes for different learning styles

Special Java applets that can be embedded in course notes


Good results, development will continue

Other courses already done this way

Paperless classroom


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