12. EGR 367: Manufacturing Processes

12.1 Tours

• When on plant tours, students will be required to observe and record significant items on the sheets given below.



12.1.1 Tour - Padnos Scrap Yard (tentative)

Date and Time: Tues., Feb., 2, 2:45-4:15 p.m.

Pre-Tour: Read the Padnos Scrap Yard Case Study again.

Highlights: A large facility for reclaiming metals that has received the Ford Q-1 award for the quality of their shredder scrap. On-site the facilities include a briqueting operation for fine turnings, car shredding, sizing operations for various large scrap, aluminum melting, pressing operations for high grade scraps and an extensive machine shop for fabricating much of their own equipment. Environmental concerns are addressed at all points in the facility.



Some Items to Look For (only a start):

1. What is Q-1 and what does it mean?

2. Metal types.

3. What are the sources of the metal?

4. How does the scrap arrive?

5. Quality control.

6. Landfill materials

7. The shredding process and the output.

8. Preprocessing of automobiles.

9. Input materials that cause problems.

10. Separation operations (manual/automatic).

11. Contaminants such as oil.

12. CFCs.

13. Bailing.

14. Equipment designed in-house

12.1.2 Tour - Hansen-Balk (tentative)

Date and Time: Tues., Feb., 9, 2:30-3:30pm

Highlights: Heat treating processes including annealing, tempering/quenching (oil, water and salt), case hardening and shot blasting.



12.1.3 Tour - Autocam

Date and Time: Tues., Feb., 23, 2:30pm

Highlights: Precision machining processes including grinding and turning for the autoparts and computer industries.



12.1.4 Tour - Engineering Design Show in Chicago

Date and Time: Tues., Mar., 16, bus leaves at 8am

Highlights: Thousands of exhibitors showing automation, robotics, CAD, processes, ........

Submit: 5 pieces of literature from different vendors that apply to something you did in your coop. Write a brief paragraph for the significance of each.

12.1.5 Tour - Michigan Wheel

Date and Time: Tues., Mar., 2, 1 p.m. -- NOTE EARLY TIME

Highlights: A Variety of Casting Processes



12.1.6 Tour - Nelson Metal Products

Date and Time: Tues., Feb., 18, 3pm




12.1.7 Tour - Steelcase

Date and Time: Tues., Apr., 1, 2:30 p.m.

Highlights: A world leader in office furniture manufacturing with a wide range of sheet metal and finishing processes. Many sheet metal processes, painting, assembly, packaging, etc.



12.1.8 Tour - Sinterform

Date and Time: Tues., Apr., 8, 3pm

Highlights: A manufacturer of powder metallurgy parts.



12.1.9 Tour - Royal Plastics

Date and Time: Tues., Apr., 15, 3 p.m.

Highlights: An industrial scale injection molder. They have numerous machines organized in bays. These allow flexibility and makes it a very open environment. Other processes include embossing and ultrasonic welding.



12.1.10 Other Tours (tentative)

• Other Tours are yet to be determined, but may include,

Drawform: sheet drawing

Shape: Rollforming: Dave Riemersma

Blackmer Pump: Casting and machining: Doug Stolz

Brill Cast: Die Casting: Ron Holland

Delphi: machining: Ed Dienno

Cascade Engineering: plastics: engineering

Nicholas Plastics: extrusion, compression molding: Mike Andres