14. EGR 630 Manufacturing Controls Labs

14.1 Overview

• This course addresses a need for a comprehensive examination of modern control techniques found in manufacturing environments. The course will begin with evaluation of PLC’s for discrete logic control. The course will then examine PLC usage for more complex control tasks. By the time the course is complete, students will comprehend how these work, and how they can be applied.

14.1.1 Resources

• This year the new book, that you will have if you have this page.

• A large collection of manuals for ALL of the equipment will be stored either in the lab room EC612 or in EC616 or can be found at “www.ab.com”. This will include manuals for,



PLC/5 processors, I/O card, etc (bulletin 1771)


• More information on the Basic Stamp II chip can be found at the site ‘www.parallaxinc.com’

14.2 Available Equipment

• The following are cards for the Allen Bradley PLC racks

1 1747-L30A A SLC500

3 1747-L40A B SLC500

1771 External Power Supply

1 1771-AA 4 Slot I/O Chasis

6 1771-A2B 8 Slot I/O Chassis

8 1771-IB (12-24V) DC Input Module

4 1771-IBD (10-30V)DC Input Module

1771-IBN (10-30V)DC High True Input Module

2 1771-IFE Analog Input Module (12 bit)

1 1771-IG TTL Input Module (+5V)

2 1771-IJC Encoder/Counter Module 5V I/O

1 1771-IKC Encoder/Counter Module 12-24V I/O

1 1771-IT (12-24V) Fast Response DC Input Module

8 1771-IV (12-24V)DC Driver Logic Input Module

1 1771-IXE Thermocouple/millivolt input module

1771-KA2 Communication Adapter Module

1771-KA3 DH+ PLC-2 Interface

1771-KF Data Highway/RS-232C Interface Module

3 1771-M1 Stepper Motor Controller Module

1771-OA (120V)AC Output Module Series B

15 1771-OB (12-24V) DC Output module: Series B

1771-OBD (10-60V)DC Output Module

1771-OBN (10-30V)DC High True Output Module

1 1771-OFC Analog Output (12 bit) Series B

1771-OFE1 Analog Output Module (12 bit voltage)

2 1771-OFE2B Analog Output Module

2 1771-OGC TTL Output Module (+5V)

2 1771-OGD TTL Output Module

3 1771-OJ Pulse Output Expander Module

2 1771-OW Selectable Contact Output Module

34 1771-WA Small Screw Terminal

1 1771-WD Medium Screw Terminal

22 1771-WH Large Screw Terminal

1784-KTK1 Peer Communication Link Interface Module

1784-KTP Processor Communication Interface

1785-KA Communication Adapter Module

1 1785-L11B/C PLC5/11 processor

4 1785-L11B/E PLC5/11 processor ver. E01

4 1785-LTB PLC5/15 processor ver. B