13. Tutorial - DVT Camera

NOTE: The camera is not required for this tutorial.

1. If the ‘Framework’ software is not installed, install it from the CD.

2. A window will appear called ‘PC Communications’. Select ‘Emulator’ then ‘Model 630’. Two windows should now be on the screen. The window called ‘DVT FRAMEWORK’ is the main programming software. The window titled ‘DVT SmartImage Sensor Emulator’ takes the place of an actual camera for tutorials like this one.

3. First we need to load images into the emulator window. To do this select ‘Configure’, then ‘Image Sequence...’. An ‘Image Sequence Configuration’ window will appear. Use ‘Browse for images’ and select the first image as ‘Image001.bmp’ and the last image as ‘Image008.bmp’. Then select ‘OK’ to load the images.

4. In the Framework window select the ‘Products’ then ‘Products Management’. Select ‘New’ and enter ‘tutorial’ as the product name. This will be used to store one or more tests for a particular product. Note: if the camera is to be used to test multiple types of products, the names of other products will also be entered here. Select ‘OK’ to dismiss the window.

5. We can now start the camera running. In the top toolbar there is a black triangle that points to the right (near a red circle). Click this to run the camera emulator.

6. Select a sensor for the product on the left side with ‘EdgeCount’. On the palette that appears select a line draw it so that it covers the circle. Select ‘OK’ and the tests should begin. The test status line will show the number of edges detected in the image.