• The network connection type has an impact on the effectiveness and cost of the connection.



1.2.1 Permanent Wires


• These networks are fast, but require a permanent connection


• For the campus network the peak data transfer rate is about (4 GB/hour)


• These types of networks include,



Fast Ethernet



1.2.2 Phone Lines


• The merit dialup network is a good example. It is an extension of the internet that you can reach by phone.


• The phone based connection is slower (about 5 MB/hour peak)


• There are a few main types,

SLIP - most common

PPP - also common

ISDN - an faster, more expensive connection, geared to permanent connections


• You need a modem in your computer, and you must dial up to another computer that has a modem and is connected to the Internet. The slower of the two modems determines the speed of the connection. Typical modem speeds are,

- 52.4 kbps - very fast

- 28.8/33.3 kbps - moderate speed, inexpensive

- 14.4 kbps - a bit slow for internet access

- 2.4, 9.6 kpbs - ouch

- 300 bps - just shoot me



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