1.3 How to Get Your Own Home Page


You must create an HTML file (HyperText Markup Language) using a word processor, such as Wordperfect. Some points to consider.


1. To edit files, you must first download them using ‘ftp’ or netscape gold. They will exist in the ‘public_html’ directory in your directory. The ‘indxe.html’ file in this directory is the default start file.

2. Edit the file using Netscape Gold, Microsoft Word, or with a text editor.

3. Upload the modified files, and any new pictures, sounds, etc. using ‘ftp’ or netscape gold.

4. If necessary ‘login’ to the server and modify file permissions. Type the command,

chmod 755 ~/.. ~/public_html ~/public_html/*

5. You can get to your home page with addesses. Use a browser to check your HTML files. My main home page is given below,



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