• Some technology tips include

- limit the use of sound/video as formats are not supported universally

- use hyperlink to files to be used for demonstrations - this can automatically start applications

- for photographs use full screen images with good brightness


• Advantages,

- visuals can be distributed by the web

- the presentation can be changed at the last minute

- can make presentations easy to prepare

- cut/paste is easier than with other methods


• Disadvantages,

- more time is required to deal with the technology

- some support is normally required for networks, projectors, etc.

- computer support is not yet universal. Computer projectors are expensive, and network connections are uncommon and complex to connect.

- hardware and software is not yet common, and each new piece of equipment has a learning curve.

- The resolution of computers is well below overheads and slides

- more time is required to get familiar with equipment

- more equipment is needed

- it is hard to write on the screen