• SINGLE - just take a sample from the lot, examine, and reject. e.g. a lot of 5000 has 200 samples removed, if more than 2 non-conforming samples found, the lot is sent back.


• DOUBLE - One sample is taken. If it conforms, keep the lot. If there are too many non-conforming send back the lot, otherwise take a second sample. If the combined first and second samples have too many rejects, then send the lot back.


• MULTIPLE - like the double sampled plan, but extended for a larger number of tests.


• the accept/retest/reject limits are set by statistical methods.


• Lot Sample Selection, must be as random as possible,

- use a random number generator,

- use a paper based method (e.g. pg. 288 in text)


• What to do when a lot is rejected