1. Are anisotropic properties important in a material? Can a manufacturing process change whether a material is anisotrpoic?


2. Some materials (such as lead and tin) will recrystalize near room temperature. How does this affect design and manufacturing considerations?


3. A bimetallic cable is made of two types of wire strands. The 1” dia. cable is 40% mild steel, 50% aluminum, and the remainder is empty air. What is the combined stiffness of the cable?


4. The amount of heat generated when working a metal is proportional to the plastic deformation. Show how the work can be found using a stress strain diagram.


5. Describe how the cooling rate of steel affects the phases of metal structures. Why does cooling slowly result in a larger grain structure? What do phase structures contain dissimilar types of material?


6. What components will increase the strength of aluminum?