• The following are cards for the Allen Bradley PLC racks

1 1747-L30A A SLC500

3 1747-L40A B SLC500

1771 External Power Supply

1 1771-AA 4 Slot I/O Chasis

6 1771-A2B 8 Slot I/O Chassis

8 1771-IB (12-24V) DC Input Module

4 1771-IBD (10-30V)DC Input Module

1771-IBN (10-30V)DC High True Input Module

2 1771-IFE Analog Input Module (12 bit)

1 1771-IG TTL Input Module (+5V)

2 1771-IJC Encoder/Counter Module 5V I/O

1 1771-IKC Encoder/Counter Module 12-24V I/O

1 1771-IT (12-24V) Fast Response DC Input Module

8 1771-IV (12-24V)DC Driver Logic Input Module

1 1771-IXE Thermocouple/millivolt input module

1771-KA2 Communication Adapter Module

1771-KA3 DH+ PLC-2 Interface

1771-KF Data Highway/RS-232C Interface Module

3 1771-M1 Stepper Motor Controller Module

1771-OA (120V)AC Output Module Series B

15 1771-OB (12-24V) DC Output module - Series B

1771-OBD (10-60V)DC Output Module

1771-OBN (10-30V)DC High True Output Module

1 1771-OFC Analog Output (12 bit) Series B

1771-OFE1 Analog Output Module (12 bit voltage)

2 1771-OFE2B Analog Output Module

2 1771-OGC TTL Output Module (+5V)

2 1771-OGD TTL Output Module

3 1771-OJ Pulse Output Expander Module

2 1771-OW Selectable Contact Output Module

34 1771-WA Small Screw Terminal

1 1771-WD Medium Screw Terminal

22 1771-WH Large Screw Terminal

1784-KTK1 Peer Communication Link Interface Module

1784-KTP Processor Communication Interface

1785-KA Communication Adapter Module

1 1785-L11B/C PLC5/11 processor

4 1785-L11B/E PLC5/11 processor ver. E01

4 1785-LTB PLC5/15 processor ver. B



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