Panelview 600Plus



1. Connect the panelview display to 120Vac and to the ethernet. Apply power and verify that the display boots. If the HMI is not already in the BOOTP program, give it an address of ‘’.


2. Follow the tutorial in the “1768 CompactLogix QuickStart guide“ (Publication ASIMP-QS003A-EN-P-October 2007) starting with chapter 12.

Note: You may need to set the screen resolution to 320x240 to be able to see all of the graphics


3. Setup the system to run the following program. For the input A and outputs X and Y select unused points. Create a Panelview program that displays the values of X, Y, and the presets for the timers. The program should also allow the presets to be changed, and the value of A to be changed.



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