0. Review the document ““ ().


1. Create a simple ladder logic program and make sure that all four IO modules are defined. For the analog IO module make sure all of the inputs and outputs are configured for voltage inputs. Download the program (make sure it is running). The light on the front of the analog module should also be on.


2. Open the ‘Controller Tags’ and look at the various inputs and outputs on the analog IO card.


3. Using a power supply (NOTE!!!! be very careful not to exceed 10 V) apply a voltage to the inputs. If not sure where to connect, check the manuals at the AB website. Vary the voltage while watching it with a DMM. The memory location for the card inputs should change.


4. For the outputs enter a value in the output memory value (hint: start small < 256). Connect a DMM to the analog output and determine the relationship between the value and the output. Increase the value and determine the maximum range. Next, find the minimum acceptable value.


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