Lab 2 - Introduction To Programming



2.2.1 Lab 2a - Introduction to SoftLogix Controllers

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To learn the basic operation of Allen-Bradley SoftLogic controllers or ControlLogix Processors.


Pre-Lab: None.


Resources: RSLogix, ControlLogix, and Ethernet/IP software/hardware manuals (



As provided



1. Follow the SoftLogix tutorial later in the notes.




1. A pass grade will be assigned to students that complete the tutorial and print out the final program in the tutorial. - Basic Lab Structure


The lab is organized into stations (A to F) with a shared network. Each of the devices at the stations has a network address based on the station number. Station A has addresses in the 10s, B in the 20s, C in the 30s, D in the 40s, E in 50s and F in 60s. The list below gives these addresses for each station.

Station A:



FlexIO Rack:

Panelview Plus 600:



To setup

1. reset the hub and change the settings to DHCP and the address

2. Set the PC and virtual machine to DHCP and restart communication

3. Set the browser to and turn off DHCP

4. Change the PC and VM to static addresses

5. Setup bootp to give out addresses.



Wiring Setup

1. Add:

Disconnects one before, one after fuse

Add fuse

add grounds

Saftey relay circuitry with estop and start

PLC power for compact logix and micrologix

After checking and basic power up

2. Add:

DC power supply

Input card




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