jpf 1.3 Conversational Programming Explained

jpf 1.3.1 Facing Cycle

To select Facing operation press


Figure 7

jpf 1.3.2 Coordinates of the starting point (Xi, Zi) and coordinates of the end point (Xf, Zf)

The coordinates are defined one by one. After moving over the coordinates for the axis using the arrow keys manually enter the value and press

jpf 1.3.3 Final diameter ( φ)

Move onto this item, key in the value for the final diameter required and press

When facing a part this value is usually set to zero.

jpf 1.3.4 Safety Distance

In order to prevent collisions with the part, the CNC enables an approach point for the part to be established. The safety distance indicates the position of the approach point with respect to the starting point (Xi, Zi) as shown in the figure below. The approach point is where the machine will rapid to before beginning the cycle, and the point that it will move to after the cycle is complete. As a standard .05 inches is entered for (X, Y) under safety distances. To modify any of these values move onto the corresponding data item, key in the value required and press

jpf 1.3.5 Turning Cycle

To select the Turning operation press


Figure 8

jpf 1.3.6 Type of Turning

External Turning

Internal Turning

To modify the type of turning move onto this icon and press

Each time the turning type is changed the CNC modifies the icon and displays the relevant geometric help screen. We will only use external turning.

jpf 1.3.7 Coordinates of the starting point (Xi, Zi) and coordinates of the end point (Xf, Zf)

These cooridants are defined in the same manner as described above. The (Xi,Zi) is the point that the machine will begin machining at and (Xf,Zf) is the point that it will finish machining at. The graphic to the right of the screen displays the location of (Xi,Zi,Xf,Zf). Consult this graphic when planning a turning operation. To change these values move over to the value using the arrow keys, enter the appropriate values and press

Final diameter (φ )

This is the final diameter that you would like in the turned section. Remember that this is the diameter, not the radius, of the final surface. When performing a turning operation this value is set to a positive number that is less than the current diameter. If the value is set negative and error will occur. To change this value move onto this item, key in the required value and press

Safety Distance

These distances are set in the same manner as described above in the facing section. As a standard these values are set to .05 inches.