jpf 1.2 Machining Processes - The Planning Phase

CNC 1540 offers following series of manufacturing operations under conversational programming.

Facing Cycle

Turning Cycle

Tapering Cycle

Rounding Cycle

Grooving Cycle

Threading Cycle

Drilling Cycle

Profiling cycle

Tapping Cycle

Before beginning the machining process think about the part that you would like to make. The different processes are described in further detail in the following section. Start out by making a hand sketch of what you would like to machine. Think about the different process needed to create this part. You will then complete a series of drawings that show the different processes. The first drawing will be of the piece of stock you will use. Identify the length, diameter, material, and the location of the headstock. For each process that you plan to do after this sketch the result of the cycle. Identify the (Xi,Zi) and (Xf,Zf) positions as well as any radiuses and angles required. Do one drawing for each process until you arrive at the final product that you would like. This process of creating intermittent drawings allows you to visualize the machining process, and also ensure that your design can be created using the process described above. Each machining cycle will be performed one at a time; so one drawing is needed for each cycle. See below for an example.





Figure 6

Turn down a 3” round to a 2.5” round using a turning cycle over the first 2.5 inches of a part.

Xi = 3 Zi = 4

Xf = 3 Zf = 1.5

d = 2.5

Note that the x values refer to the diameter, even though the zero is at the center of the part.