1.4.1 Fabrication Project


• A major project will be conducted as part of this class to ensure that all students obtain some hands-on experience. This project can be done individually, or as a component of a group project. Projects must use a variety of manufacturing techniques. Each project will involve a number of steps,

1. submit a short written proposal that outlines the basic design, expected operations, and required equipment/operations. (last week of September/January)

2. approval/changes based upon professor comments. (first week of October/February)

3. detailed drawings and process plans done and submitted. (second week of October/February).

4. gathering of materials, and doing work. NOTE: a log must be kept on a regular basis.

5. progress meeting near the midpoint (after Halloween/March Break).

6. completion of work (second last week of term).

7. submission of a written report (on-line) summarizing daily logs, details, drawings, process plans, logs, etc.

8. oral presentation of final results (in scheduled exam time).


• Typical projects might include,

- a cannon made of brass that can fire small projectile using a spring.

- a small press (team project).

- a complex part made using the CNC milling machine or lathe.

- the frame for a CNC drill press

- sheet metal

- etc.


• Some materials for the project,

- 1” brass rod is available for use in the shop

- other scrap materials are also available

- you can purchase specialty metals at a number of local companies

- Riders Hobbies on 28th St. sells small items suited for finishing


• An example of a process plan sheet is shown below. As state below, these must be completed with drawings BEFORE work begins.




1.4.2 Previous Projects


L. Brown - Meat Tenderizing Hammer - A hammer will be designed for pounding meat to tenderize it. The construction will be all metal, with a knurled handle, and a ridged face.

A. Edler - Firearm Magazine Retainer Clip - A small clip will be remanufactured for a cartridge magazine for a rifle. This will involve turning and milling operations.

B. Fett - Mold For Blow Molding Machine - A design and construction of a mold for a miniature Coke bottle with a GVSU logo on the side. The geometry will be designed in Ideas and converted to G-codes using CAMworks. This will be cut on an NC mill off site.

J. Klein - Black Powder Cannon - A black powder cannon will be designed and built. It will also have a base capable of absorbing the recoil.

B. Kuieck & B. Momber - Press, Bender and Break - A press frame will be completed and attachments will be designed and built for pressing, bending tubes and shearing metal.

A. McMullan - Canon - A small cannon will be constructed with the intention of eventually retrofitting it with controls in a later class.

L. Mercer - A Small Tap Wrench - A Small tap wrench will be designed and built to accommodate smaller taps.

L. Muckey - Propeller Fairwater - A fairwater will be designed for the solar boat. It will allow the afterwash of the propeller to reconverge smoothly. Appropriate mounting threads and features will also be included.

E. Palmbos - Adjustable Tap Wrench - An adjustable tap wrench will be designed and built that uses two halves to hold the tap.

M. Sherd - Lamp - A lamp will be made of brass and wood.

C. Smith - Lug Wrench - A Lug wrench will be designed and built for standard automotive nuts.

J. Thelen - Bicycle Part Replacement - A part that allows repositioning of a bicycle seat will be reverse engineered and built.