• The following are resources that you may use to further investigate processes.



1.3.1 Videos

• The following videos can be checked out from the engineering store room - many of these will be shown in class,

- Turning and lathe basics

- Milling and machining center basics

- CNC training - Pro-light mill

- Vertical mill / lathe safety / operations

- Engineering Administrative Aspects of MIL-STD-105D (3 tapes)

- A Future in Metal Casting

- Injection Molding Machine

- Electrical Discharge Machining

- Basics of Grinding

- Sheet Metal Stamping Dies and Processes

- Sheet Metal Shearing and Bending

- Plastics Basics Tapes 1: The Injection Molding Machine

- Plastics Basics Tapes 2: The Injection Molding Process

- Plastics Basics Tapes 3: Injection Molds

- Injection Molding Machine (a promotional video)

- Cutting Tool Materials

- Cutting Tool Geometries

- Fundamental Manufacturing Processes: Casting

- Fundamental Manufacturing Processes: Blow Molding

- Fundamental Manufacturing Processes: Heat Treating

- Composites in Manufacturing

- Fundamental Manufacturing Processes: Thermal and Abrasive Waterjet cutting

- Fundamental Manufacturing Processes: Workholding

- etc...



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