• Although you may be familiar with safety, it is always worth a review. A few careless minutes in a lab can be fatal.


• Some (BUT NOT ALL) safety rules are,

1. Always think about what you are doing, don’t try something without understanding the consequences.

2. Cover or insulate live contact points when not testing, and use insulated probes.

3. Keep objects shielded and properly grounded, and avoid ground loops.

4. Wet surfaces can make you a convenient path for electricity

5. When soldering remember the molten solder is hotter than boiling water, and can splatter/spray/etc. - wear safety glasses.

6. Remember electrolytic capacitors WILL EXPLODE IF CONNECTED BACKWARDS.

7. Use fuses when possible.

8. Double check, and look for stupid mistakes before turning a device on. Common problems are reversed power supply polarity, short circuits, loose connections.

9. Keep things clean while working , and leave the lab better than you found it.

10. If something has malfunctioned deal with it - report it, fix it, or throw it out.