• A very brief history of CAD development is listed

1940s - First digital computer developed

1950s - Commercial computers become available

1955 - CRTs begin being used in military projects

1957 - APT II (Automatic Programmed Tool) developed for generating NC control. Automated NC used in industry.

1959 - Stromberk Carlson develops a system to interpret graphics on tape, then output them to a screen, or print on special paper

1963 - Ivan Sutherland presents a paper on “Sketchpad” which allows interactive graphics

1965 - Lockheed introduces a CAD/CAM system, and a FEM system. McDonnell introduces CADD

1966 - Business world sees Wall Street Journal title “Electronic Sketching; Engineers Focus on Screen to Design Visually via Computer; Keyboard Enlarges, Rotates ‘Drawings’; Lockheed, GM Enthusiastic About Uses”

1971 - David Prince writes first book on computer graphics

1975 - ICAM (Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing) project is begun by US Airforce

1976 - Color raster graphics technology begins to develop.

1979 - Development of IGES begins

1980 - Introduction of PCs revolutionizes all markets

1980s - Solid Modeling on UNIX

1990s - Solid Modeling on low end systems