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1. From the start, include all domains of expertise as active participants in the design effort.

2. Resist making irreversible decision before they must be made.

3. Perform continuous optimization of product and process.

4. Identify product concepts that are inherently easy to manufacture.

5. Focus on component design for manufacture and assembly.

6. Integrate the manufacturing process design and product design that best match needs and requirements.

7. Convert concept to manufacturable, salable, usable design by stating all constraints.

8. Anticipate fabrication and assembly methods and problems.

9. Reduce number of parts.

10. Increase interchangeability between models.

11. Define subassemblies to allow models to differ by the subassemblies.

12. Standardize fastener types and sizes; use low-cost, irreversible fasteners only where a skilled serviceperson would work.

13. Improve robustness of product and process.

14. Identify difficult process steps for which costs and process times cannot be predicted.

15. Use existing processes and facilities so that product yield is high.

16. Break down products and processes into self-contained modules and assembly lines.

17. Adjust tolerances to eliminate failures during assembly.

18. Identify testable areas.

19. Make assembly easier by minimizing setups and reorientations.

20. Design parts for feeding and insertion.

21. Determine character of product; what design and production methods are appropriate.

22. Subject the product to a product function analysis to ensure rational design.

23. Carry out design for producability and usability study; can these two be improved without impairing function ?

24. Design fabrication and assembly process

25. Design assembly sequence

26. Identify subassemblies

27. Integrate quality control strategy with assembly.

28. Design each part so that tolerances are compatible with assembly method and fabrication costs are compatible with cost goals.

29. Design factory system to fully involve production workers in the production strategy, operate on minimum inventory, and integrate with vendor capabilities.