AC:1.1.1 The Questions


• What? - By adding electronics, sensors, actuators, computers and mechanisms human capabilities can be augmented to improve manufacturing.


• Why ? - In many cases there are valid reasons for assisting humans

- tedious work -- consistency required

- dangerous

- tasks are beyond normal human abilities (e.g., weight, time, size, etc)

- economics


• When?




AC:1.1.2 Why Bother with Automated Manufacturing?


• Without production, a company has nothing of real value to sell.


• A company which is poor at production is guaranteed to go out of business eventually.


• Competition drives production, and every advantage counts.


• Automation can act as valuable weapons against competitors.


• Advantages of Automated Manufacturing,

- improved work flow

- reduced handling

- simplification of production

- reduced lead time

- increased moral in workers (after a wise implementation)

- more responsive to quality, and other problems

- etc.