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7.4 Glossary


AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network

A/L Approach and Landing

ALT Approach and Landing Test

AMU Astronaut Maneuvering Unit

AOA Abort Once Around

APS Alternate Payload Specialist

APU Auxiliary Power Unit

ASE Airborne Support Equipment

ATE Automatic Test Equipment

ATO Abort to Orbit

BFC Backup Flight Control

BOC Base Operations Contract

CAPCOM Capsule Communicator

CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

CCMS Checkout, Control and Monitor Subsystem

CCTV Closed Circuit Television

CDMS Command & Data Management Systems Officer

CDR Commander

CDS Central Data System

CFES Continuous Flow Electrophoresis System

CIC Crew Interface Coordinator

CIE Communications Interface Equipment

CITE Cargo Integration Test Equipment

CTS Call to Stations

DCC Data Computation Complex

DCS Display Control System

DFI Development Flight Instrumentation

DFRF Hugh L. Dryden Flight Research Facility

DIG Digital Image Generation

DMC Data Management Coordinator

DMOS Diffusive Mixing of Organic Solutions

DOD Department of Defense

DOP Diver Operated Plug

DPS Data Processing System

EAFB Edwards Air Force Base

ECLSS Environmental Control & Life Support System

EECOMP Electrical, Environmental & Consumables Systems Engineer

EI Entry Interface

EMU Extravehicular Mobility Unit

ESA European Space Agency

ESMC Eastern Space and Missile Center

ET External Tank

EVA Extravehicular Activity

FAO Flight Activities Officer

FAWG Flight Assignment Working Group

FBSC Fixed Base Crew Stations

F/C Flight Controller

FCT Flight Crew Trainer

FCTS Flight Crew Trainer Simulator

FD Flight Director

FDF Flight Data File

FDO Flight Dynamics Officer

FOD Flight Operations Directorate

FOE Flight Operations Engineer

FOPG Flight Operations Planning Group

FOSO Flight Operations Scheduling Officer

FR Firing Room

FRC Flight Control Room

FRCS Forward Reaction Control System

FRF Flight Readiness Firing

FRR Flight Readiness Review

FSE Flight Simulation Engineer

FSS Fixed Service Structure

GAS Getaway Special

GC Ground Control

GDO Guidance Officer

GLS Ground Launch Sequencer

GN Ground Network

GNC Guidance, Navigation & Control Systems Engineer

GPC General Purpose Computer

GSE Ground Support Equipment

GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center

HAC Heading Alignment Circle

HB High Bay

HMF Hypergolic Maintenance Facility

HPPF Horizontal Payloads Processing Facility

HUS Hypergolic Umbilical System

IECM Induced Environment Contamination Monitor

IG Inertial Guidance

ILS Instrument Landing System

IMF In Flight Maintenance

IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

INCO Instrumentation & Communications Officer

IRIG Interrange Instrumentation Group

ISP Integrated Support Plan

IUS Inertial Upper Stage

IVA Intravehicular Activity

JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JSC Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

KSC John F. Kennedy Space Center

LC Launch Complex

LCC Launch Control Center

LCS Launch Control System

LDEF Long Duration Exposure Facility

LETF Launch Equipment Test Facility

LOX Liquid Oxygen

LPS Launch Processing System

LSA Launch Services Agreement

LWG Logistics Working Group

MBCS Motion Base Crew Station

MCC Mission Control Center

MD Mission Director

MDD Mate/Demate Device

ME Main Engine

MECO Main Engine Cutoff

MET Mission Elapsed Time

MLP Mobile Launch Platform

MLR Monodisperse Latex Reactor

MLS Microwave Landing System

MMACS Maintenance, Mechanical Arm & Crew Systems Engineer

MMPSE Multiuse Mission Payload Support Equipment

MMSE Multiuse Mission Support Equipment

MMU Manned Maneuvering Unit

MOD Mission Operations Directorate

MOP Mission Operations Plan

MPGHM Mobile Payload Ground Handling Mechanism

MPPSE Multipurpose Payload Support Equipment

MPS Main Propulsion System

MS Mission Specialist

MSBLS Microwave Scanning Beam Landing System

MSC Mobile Servicing Centre

MSCI Mission Scientist

MSFC George C. Marshall Space Flight Center

MSS Mobile Service Structure

MST Mobile Service Tower

MTE Mobile Transporter Element

MUM Mass Memory Unit Manager

NASCOM NASA Communications Network

NBT Neutral Buoyancy Facility

NIP Network Interface Processor

NOCC Network Operations Control Center

NSRS NASA Safety Reporting System

NSTL National Space Technology Laboratories

NSTS National Space Transportation System

OAA Orbiter Access Arm

OAST Office of Aeronautics & Space Technology

OC Operations Coordinator

O&C Operations and Checkout (Building)

OFI Operational Flight Instrumentation

OFT Orbiter Flight Test

OMBUU Orbiter Midbody Umbilical Unit

OMRF Orbiter Maintenance & Refurbishment Facility

OMS Orbital Maneuvering System

OPF Orbiter Processing Facility

OSF Office of Space Flight

OSS Office of Space Science

OSSA Office of Space Science and Applications

OSTA Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications

OV Orbiter Vehicle

PACE Prelaunch Automatic Checkout Equipment

PAM Payload Assist Module

PAYCOM Payload Command Coordinator

PCR Payload Changeout Room

PDRS Payload Deployment & Retrieval System

PGHM Payload Ground Handling Mechanism

PHF Payload Handling Fixture

PIP Payload Integration Plan

PLSS Portable Life Support Subsystem

PLT Pilot

POCC Payload Operations Control Center

POD Payload Operations Director

PRC Payload Changeout Room

PRF Parachute Refurbishment Facility

PRSD Power Reactant Storage & Distribution

PS Payload Specialist

R&D Research Development

RCS Reaction Control System

RMS Remote Manipulator System

RPS Record Playback Subsystem

RSS Rotating Service Structure

RTLS Return to Launch Site

SAEF Spacecraft Assembly & Encapsulation Facility

SAIL Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory

SCA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

SCAMMA Station Conferencing & Monitoring Arrangement

SCAPE Self-Contained Atmospheric Protection Ensemble

SID Simulation Interface Device

SIP Standard Interface Panel

SIT Shuttle Interface Test

SL Spacelab

SLF Shuttle Landing Facility

SMAB Solid Motor Assembly Building

SMCH Standard Mixed Cargo Harness

SMS Shuttle Mission Simulator

SN Space Network

SPDM Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator

SPIF Shuttle Payload Integration Facility

SPOC Shuttle Portable On-Board Computer

SRB Solid Rocket Booster

SRBDF Solid Rocket Booster Disassembly Facility

SRM&QA Safety, Reliability, Maintainability and Quality Assurance

SSC John C. Stennis Space Center

SSCP Small Self-Contained Payload

SSIP Shuttle Student Involvement Project

SSME Space Shuttle Main Engines

SSP Standard Switch Panel

SSRMS Space Station Remote Manipulator System

SST Single System Trainer

STA Shuttle Training Aircraft

STS Space Transportation System

T Time

TACAN Tactical Air Navigation

TAEM Terminal Area Energy Management

TAL Trans-Atlantic Abort Landing

TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

TPAD Trunnion Pin Acquisition Device

TPS Thermal Protection System

TSM Tail Service Mast

UHF Ultra high Frequency

UV Ultraviolet

VAB Vehicle Assembly Building

VLF Very Low Frequency

VPF Vertical Processing Facility

WCS Waste Collection System

WSMC Western Space & Missile Center

WSSH White Sands Space Harbor






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