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• After design concepts have been developed they must be reviewed.


• When evaluating concepts, we are best to start with many concepts and then refine,






10.2.1 Decision Matrix


• Basically we set some criteria, give them a value, and then compare conceptual designs to it. The final results are numerical.


• For this method we,

1. list the conceptual designs as columns.

2. List the criteria as rows (these criteria are like those used in QFD).

3. A weight is given to each criteria.

4. A score is given to the concept for each criteria. The ranking is done relative to one of the design concepts, with the middle of the scale being the first concept. A scale of -3 to +3 is reasonable.

5. Using the criteria weights, the column values are multiplied and added to get a score for the design.

6. The design with the highest score is often judged the best candidate for detailed design (although other designs may be chosen).



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