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- The conflict of project work

i) we are involved in the work personally

ii) It is often the result of personal decisions

iii) it is hard to separate our decisions from ourselves

iv) good people make poor decisions

v) self criticism is very hard

vi) it is hard to look at our own work critically

- Good decision making is about selection options that are good and avoid the bad

learning from mistakes - ours and others - avoid problems

learning from success - repeat what works


- There are a variety of choices to assess projects with.

- Financial Cost

- Time to Completion

- Failure to meet one of more specifications

- Failure to make it operational

- Excessive use of resources

- Unmanageable

- At the begining of any design there are many unknowns. As the project progresses the number of unknown factors is reduced. A poor decision at the beginning of the project can have major effects later.

- A method is presented here that allows a semi-objective approach for assessing decisions.


7.1 Modeling Decisions

7.2 Purchasing Risk

7.3 Cost Risk

7.4 Modeling Decisions

7.5 Evaluating A Design State

7.6 Conclusions

7.7 References

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