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• Some techniques for success are,

- Use the computer to present new material, then turn on the lights and do problems on the board.

- If the computer screen is in front of a whiteboard, pull up the screen, and add notes using the screen underneath.

- Interact with the audience - Ask questions about what was just covered, give a simple problem to solve

- Say something ridiculous to get a response.

- Tell a joke.

- Walk into the seats.

- Borrow something for an example.

- Know the software and hardware.

- Keep a bit of ‘MTV’ style in mind. Videos, sounds and other moving things help.

- Do a ‘dress rehearsal’ well before - small details such as fonts can ruin all the other efforts. Ask somebody to sit through a short trial run.

- Turn on the lights and solve problems on the board frequently, it will wake up students going to sleep in the dark.

- use the spell checker

- Watch out for equations

- Set up a model for the presentation

- Pass-arounds

- Show up for presentations early to become familiar with equipment

- When testing, test beginning to end, small things can halt the presentation



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