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• Using six equal size sticks, create three squares of equal size.


• Divide the rectangle into three pieces that will make a cross,



• We have four sticks of equal length, and four more sticks that are twice as long. Move the sticks to make four squares of the same size.


• Cut the cross below into four identical pieces that can be rearranged into a square [Carter & Russell, 1995]



• Move four matches to make three equilateral triangles



• Chess Stuff: Move a night about a chessboard so that in 16 moves it touches all of the squares on the board. Move a bishop around a board to touch all black squares in 17 moves. Move the queen about the board to touch all the squares in 14 moves. [pentagram]


• How many balls can be removed from the box below, while still leaving the others locked in place? [Pentagram]




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