39.1.1 Slotine and Li

Citation: Slotine, J. E., Li, W., "Applied Nonlinear Control", Prentice Hall, 1991.



Phase plane analysis

Fundamentals of Lyapunov theory

Advanced stability theory

Describing function analysis

Feedback linearization

Sliding control

Adaptive control

Control of Multi-input physical systems

Comments: Directed to mechanical undergraduate students.

39.1.2 VandeVegte

Citation: VandeVegte, John, "Feedback Control Systems", Prentice Hall, Second Edition, 1990.


Linearized dynamic models

Transfer function models of physical systems

Modeling of feedback systems and controllers

Transient performance and the s-plane

The perfoarmance and dynamic compensation of feedback systems

The root-locus method

Frequency response analysis

Frequency response design

Digital control systems

Digital control system analysis and design

State space analysis

Introduction to state space design

Multivariable systems in the frequency domain

Nonlinear control systems

App: Vectors matrices and determinants

App: Computer aids for analysis and design

Comments: Directed to mechanical undergraduate students. Chapters cover a range of topics systems including motors, pneumatics, fluids, thermo, etc. Chapters 1-8 use classical design techniques. Chapters 9-10 present z-transform methods for controller analysis, some design issues are presented.

39.1.3 Others

Close, C., Frederick, D., and Newell, J., "Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems", 3rd ed.

- delays LaPlace until ch 7

- some problems have answers, not solutions

- Matlab / Scilab early on

- unsolved problems

- example problems

Eronini "System Dynamics and Control"

- delays the use of LaPlace - uses state variables first

- eigenvalues

- numerical integration

- uses Matlab with examples

- well suited to MEs

- z-transforms

- network examples in Matlab/Mathcad

- chapter at end on computer based control

- answers to selected problems

Ogata, K., "System Dynamics"

- starts with LaPlace

- focuses on LTI systems

- some Matlab examples in boxes

- example problems with solutions

- frequency analysis

- control systems

- unsolved problems

- numerical methods near end

- z-transforms

Palm, W., "System Dynamics"

- Matlab

- unsolved problems

- LaPlace approach very terse

- example problems

Zak ""

- not suitable for an introductory course