34.5.1 Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are used to track major project tasks, including sequencing. a brief tutorial on project management with Microsoft Project is available at You may also download free project management software from In general a Gantt chart should include,

- Most project parts should have a development, and then a review stage by another team member. For example, if one task is preparing mechanical drawings, this should be followed by a review task - done by another team member.

- Most tasks that stretch more than a week should be broken into smaller sub tasks.

- A Gantt chart should be presented on one single sheet. If it is small enough this can be one page, otherwise a larger sheet can be used.

- On a weekly basis a Gantt chart should be updated to include the completion of tasks.

34.5.2 Drawings

All drawings will observe the standards used in EGR 101 (see the EGR 101 or 345 course pages). This includes dimensions and tolerances that can be produced using the available equipment and materials. Please note that ’sketch’ means that it is done by hand, approximately, while drawing means it is done formally in a CAD package. Normally you should create solid models, and then generate multiview drawings. Note: All drawings must have a title block.


Shaded views have very little value and should be avoided, wireframe drawings are much more useful. If there is a definite need to include a shaded drawing, change the background to change the quantity of toner used.

34.5.3 Budgets and Bills of Material

Budgets should list all substantial components. Consumables, such as bolts are normally listed under a ’miscellaneous’ heading. However, all other components should be listed, and prices provided. If the components have been drawn from the engineering stores, similar devices can be identified from catalogs and those prices may be used. If your design calls for parts not commonly issued to engineering students, you may be required to purchase these yourself. An excellent local source of small parts is hobby stores, such as Ryder’s Hobbies on 28th St. The budget should also list the quantity of parts/material, price, source/supplier and status (eg., not ordered, received, due 2 weeks, late 1 week).


Don’t forget to include cost of the controller and other components used. Assume the power supply is provided as part of the crane system and therefore has no cost is associated. Some of the commonly available components are listed below. List simple commodity items such as wires, bolts, etc., under a miscellaneous category with a general cost estimate.

68HC11 Axiom board $89

Grayhill encoder est. $8

Power Supply, list it but do not give a price

Gearhead motors assume $10


A Bill of Materials (BOM) lists all of the parts required to produce or assemble some other device. This is different from parts listed in a budget in that some of the parts will be work in process. In other words, the original material has been worked on to produce new parts. A BOM is normally found on assembly drawings.



- there are different type of plastic, some are more brittle, others are tougher.

34.5.4 Calculations

Calculations are required to justify the design work. These should follow the conventions used in EGR 345. When computer programs are written, they should be commented and included.