The paragraphs below briefly describe many of the technical reports written by engineers. In general, reports give necessary background, discuss details and then draw conclusions from them. The credibility of a report is based upon the evidence it contains. This evidence then supports the conclusions drawn or message given by the author.


Laboratory. A description of one or more experiments, the results, and the conclusions drawn from them.



Consulting. A summary of details, test results, observations, and a set of conclu-sions. Typically they will also contain a recommendation.



Project. A description of work done in a project to inform other engineers who may be asked to take up further work on the project.



Research. A summary of current advances in a topic. This should end with some comparison of alternatives.



Interim. A report to apprise supervisors and others as to the progress of a project or other major undertaking.



Executive. A brief summary of the report, and any implications for decision mak-ing at the management levels.



Proposals. A technical document describing a project for the purposes of obtain-ing permission to proceed.