The basic rules are listed below.

- Always starts mechanics/circuits problems with FBDs or schematics

- Create temporary variables when necessary, but eliminate them

- Eliminate redundant variables

- Always simply the results of calculations

- Box final answers

- Show derivations for all problems

- Use green engineering paper and write your name, problem number and date on the top of each sheet.

- Note: a calculator is not a method

- Problems should be solved in a logical order from the top to the bottom of the page (not left to right).

- Use engineering notation, not scientific notation

- Don’t cram things into one page, many problems will take less than one page.

- Don’t start a long problem at the bottom of a page.

- Don’t just look at the final grade for an assignment, read the comments. Ussually comments will include elements that should be fixed. In later assignments these items normally result in reduced marks.

- Variable subscripts are very important, don’t be careless with these.