1. Find products that include fuzzy logic controllers in their designs.

2. Suggest 5 control problems that might be suitable for fuzzy logic control.

3. Two fuzzy rules, and the sets they use are given below. If verror = 30rps, and d/dtverror = 3rps/s, find Vmotor.


4. Develop a set of fuzzy control rules adjusting the water temperature in a sink.

5. Develop a fuzzy logic control algorithm and implement it in structured text. The fuzzy rule set below is to be used to control the speed of a motor. When the error (difference between desired and actual speeds) is large the system will respond faster. When the difference is smaller the response will be smaller. Calculate the outputs for the system given errors of 5, 20 and 40.

6. Design a fuzzy logic controller to dry a material without cracking. The function should use the following paramenters.