At the time of writing Allen Bradley did not offer any Fuzzy Logic systems for their PLCs. But, other vendors such as Omron offer commercial controllers. Their controller has 8 inputs and 2 outputs. It will accept up to 128 rules that operate on sets defined with polygons with up to 7 points.

It is also possible to implement a fuzzy logic controller manually, possible in structured text.

• Fuzzy logic control control examples

color mixing

slack adjuster in multi stage rolling press

boiler control - gas air rates with exhaust O2 sensor

prediction of cutting tool failure

bio-reactor control

mixing ingredients with variable properties, e.g., juice

bottle filling machine

pultrusion machine control

powder/fiber metering system

humidity control

speed control

cement kiln

speed control for paint/adhesive application

winding/tensioning system

plating control

power efficiency controls for greenhouse

waste water treatment

pH adjustment

weld speed control

layer thickness control