1. Name two types of inputs that would be analog input values (versus a digital value).

2. Search the web for common sensor manufacturers for 5 different types of continuous sensors. If possible identify prices for the units. Sensor manufacturers include (hyde park, banner, allen bradley, omron, etc.)

3. What is the resolution of an absolute optical encoder that has six binary tracks? nine tracks? twelve tracks?

4. Suggest a couple of methods for collecting data on the factory floor

5. If a thermocouple generates a voltage of 30mV at 800F and 40mV at 1000F, what voltage will be generated at 1200F?

6. A potentiometer is to be used to measure the position of a rotating robot link (as a voltage divider). The power supply connected across the potentiometer is 5.0 V, and the total wiper travel is 300 degrees. The wiper arm is directly connected to the rotational joint so that a given rotation of the joint corresponds to an equal rotation of the wiper arm.

a) If the joint is at 42 degrees, what voltage will be output from the potentiometer?

b) If the joint has been moved, and the potentiometer output is 2.765V, what is the position of the potentiometer?

7. A motor has an encoder mounted on it. The motor is driving a reducing gear box with a 50:1 ratio. If the position of the geared down shaft needs to be positioned to 0.1 degrees, what is the minimum resolution of the incremental encoder?

8. What is the difference between a strain gauge and an accelerometer? How do they work?

9. Use the equations for a permanent magnet DC motor to explain how it can be used as a tachometer.

10. What are the trade-offs between encoders and potentiometers?

11. A potentiometer is connected to a PLC analog input card. The potentiometer can rotate 300 degrees, and the voltage supply for the potentiometer is +/-10V. Write a ladder logic program to read the voltage from the potentiometer and convert it to an angle in radians stored in ’angle’.

12. The table of position and voltage values below were measured for an inexpensive potentiometer. Write a C subroutine that will accept a voltage value and interpolate the position value.