3. Projects


Objective: To develop a patentable idea.




1. Self evaluations will be used to create project groups.


2. Each group will identify a set of 15 problems not solved by current products. The 15 will then be assigned rankings of novelty, easy of development, size of market, and technical complexity. The summary and a spreadsheet will be submitted.


3. The team will select one problem to solve in consultation with the instructor. Current solutions to the problem will be investigated. This will include identifying currently available products and patents. Note: If necessary another problem can be selected. The results will be submitted.


4. A brainstorming session will be used to generate design concepts to solve the problem. At least 5 concepts will be considered and one will be chosen. These will be submitted with a recommended choice. Note: a tool such as a decision matrix can be helpful in making a decision.


5. A detailed design will be prepared including mechanical drawings, circuitry, and source code. These will be submitted.


6. The design will be built and tested.


7. The final results will be documented in patent format.


8. Peer evaluations may be used to adjust individual grades.