- the book is designed for use for entry level graduate students, or working professionals looking for review/topical introduction.

- computer based solutions are used liberally throughout the book with a bias towards practical problems.

- basic book design - short chapters, easily used as one or more modules per class

- review modules are marked with the title review. This allows review material to be reviewed without having it dominate the book

- programs are written in C and Scilab. Scilab has been used because it is available freely, but is very similar to matlab

- example programs are boxed

- sample problem solutions are boxed

- asides and notes are given as appropriate

- the text is written to be very direct and student friendly in tone.

- written from an engineers perspective - using mathematics as a tool

- chapters begin and end with summaries

- in some cases topics are presented out of order. Although this would be a major problem if it was a first introduction, as a review it is done in the interests of brevity.




2.1 Todo

2.2 Problems Not Sorted