4.3 Problems


1. For the following angles, i) indicate the quadrants, ii) write the sine, cosine, and tangent values, iii) write an expression for all equivalent angles.


2. Find all of the missing side lengths and corner angles on the two triangles below,



3. A line that passes through the point (1, 2) and has a slope of 2. Find the equation for the line, and for a line perpendicular to it passing through the given point. (ans. y = 2x + a, y = -0.5x+b)


4. Convert the following angles to/from degrees or radians.


5. On a circle with a diameter of 0.5in. what is,


6. If a 30cm radius rotating mass has a rotational rate of 200rpm, how fast is a point at the outside moving? What angular velocity is required for an outside speed of 2m/s? (ans. 6.28m/s, 6.67 rad/s)


7.Given the (x, y) points below, find the angle


8.Convert the following to a function with the smallest positive angle possible


9.Given a triangle ABC find the missing side lengths or angles


10. Simplify the following expressions.


11.Prove the following


12. Solve the equation,


13. Two observers measure the height of a rocket by angle. Calculate the height of the rocket.