• After a geometric model is constructed, it must be displayed (rendered).


• Rendering is mainly limited by computer hardware, and the geometric model.


• The main methods for doing computer graphics are,

- Wire Frame

- Wire frame with hidden line removal

- Polygon drawing (backface, and clipping)

- Shaded polygons

- Raytracing


• As the scene becomes more complicated, the computing time becomes longer, but the picture becomes more realistic.


• The basic history of research on geometric modeling can be summarized as,

- 2D computer drafting - Mid 60s

- 2.5 D - Late 60s

- 3D Wire Frame Systems - Early 70s

- 3D Surface Systems - Mid 70s

- 3D Primitive Solids - Early to Mid 70s

- 3D Arbitrary Solids - Mid to Late 70s



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